Heart of Arizona Century

The Heart of Arizona is a great century and 200k brevet event hosted by the Bullshifters. It forms a big loop in south-central Arizona though scenic and very remote country. Mike Sturgill has a pretty good description for finding the town of Congress (the start location):

– 37 miles Southwest of Nowhere, AZ – 39 […]

    2009 Cochise County Cycling Classic

    Nearing the top of Mule Pass … That's me at the front, what's up with that?!?

    This year’s 157 mile Cochise County Cycling Classic was quite a bit different than prior years! We started at 6:20 am. The 92 mile group would be starting right behind us at 6:30 am. So there was […]

      2009 MS “Bay to Bay” Tour

      100 and 150 mile riders

      In 2008 Team NetApp had 9 members who raised just under $8,900 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society for the “Bay to Bay” Tour, a very scenic bike ride along the southern California coastline from Irvine to San Diego with an overnight stop in Carlsbad. That year we only […]

        Phoenix Cycling Examiner

        A friend of mine turned me on to an online newspaper called Examiner.com. He’s a professional chef and enjoys writing about what he loves, so he became the Scottsdale Cooking Examiner. What a great idea! I also enjoy writing, so I decided to try my hand as the Phoenix Cycling Examiner! And I got it! […]

          Son of Death Ride 2009

          Garmin Connect: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/12761486

          In 2006 I registered for the Son of Death Ride, but when I got to the start I found out the ride had been cancelled at the last minute due to problems getting a permit from the Forest Service. I wound up riding the route anyway with 3 other guys. One guy […]

            High Country 200k Brevet

            I was in Denver on Thursday and Friday before the High Country 200k in ShowLow. My flight back was supposed to land at 7:35 pm, which, optimistically, would put me in ShowLow around 11pm. Unfortunately, thunderstorms were moving through the Phoenix area and we wound up circling the airport for about an hour waiting for […]

              My new Calfee

              Mike Cox asked me to post some pix of the new Calfee (probably to show off what great work he does!) LOL. Calfee does great work (http://www.calfeedesign.com)

              Me and my new ride. Calfee Tetra Pro with a translucent blue (you can see the carbon fabric under the paint) that fades to black. Notice the […]

                Clint’s Well Personal Century

                I didn’t do as well as I would have liked during my last two “big” events, suffering from knee pain during each. Hindsight is 20/20 and I know I wasn’t properly prepared, especially considering the amount of hill climbing involved for both of them. My next “big” event is the “Son of Death Ride” … […]

                  Taylor House Century 2009

                  Mike Cox at Curbside Cyclery finished my new Calfee while my kids and I were off camping at Kinnikinick Lake the weekend before the Taylor House Century. Luckily Jeff Lockwood was able to squeeze in a bike fit for me on Monday, so the bike would be ready for it’s maiden century! I had decided to try… […]

                    Death Ride 2009

                    I was oncall the week before the 4th through the weekend. That translated to a lot of time on my rollers. Not the best way to prep for a ride with 15,000 feet of climbing! We had quite the vacation week planned… […]