Sometimes I’m An Athlete – Genre: Children’s Picture Book. Description:
Every child is an athlete. Sometimes they are doing activities that are not athletic, but most of their playing is athletic. Being an athlete doesn’t necessarily mean being on a team sport. Being an athlete includes most of the fun activities that kids enjoy every day. Just being active makes a kid an athlete.

Introduction to Bicycle Rollers – Genre: Sports Self Help. Description: This guide is an introduction to riding bicycle rollers. It includes:

  • a summary of benefits from using rollers 
  • a description of the various options available for bicycle rollers to help with a purchase decision
  • instructions on how to get started with rollers (adjustments, positioning, tips and techniques)
  • a summarized guide to good pedal stroke
  • instructions for skills to develop when you begin to train with bicycle rollers

Ultimately this guide is intended for three types of cyclists:

  • A cyclist who doesn’t have the funds and/or time to work with a cycling coach, but would like to try rollers
  • A cyclist who has tried rollers, but either gave up in frustration or doesn’t feel like they are getting the right value from their rollers
  • A cyclist who is thinking about rollers, but doesn’t know what it will take to get started and wants additional advice on how to get started

This guide is NOT intended for anyone who is already proficient with rollers or who is actively working with a cycling coach. Always listen to your cycling coach and follow his/her advice. Your cycling coach provides a personalized level of instruction that is not possible with this guide. This guide contains information that is needed before getting on the rollers for the first time and information on how to get started, but is not intended to be a replacement for one on one coaching from an experienced cycling coach.