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Welcome to my archives.  As you can see when you go to mikeerides.com, I've transitioned over to Wordpress.  However all the old content is still available here for those who want a bit of mikeerides.com nostalgia. :-)  Hope you like the new Wordpress site.  It's MUCH easier for me to maintain and allows me to post updates from just about anywhere.  This old site was maintained in Sharepoint Designer and restricted me to updates from one computer.  Change is good.


2009 Events


Jan 3    Casa Grande 200k Brevet (Completed)
Jan 11   Casa Grande GABA Century (Completed)


Feb 7    Casa Grande 300k Brevet (Completed)
Feb 15   Lost Dutchman 1/2 Marathon (Completed)
Feb 28   Zion Spring Century - Utah (Completed)


Mar 7        Casa Grande 400k Brevet (DNF @ 202.7 Miles!)
Mar 14       Mine Country Challenge (Completed)
Mar 28-29   Multiple Sclerosis AZ Bike Round Up (Completed)


Apr 4         El Tour de Phoenix (Completed)
Apr 18-19  Casa Grande to Tombstone 600k Brevet (Completed)


May 2       Breathless Agony - California (Completed)
May 30     Hurricane 400k Brevet - Utah (DNF @ 200 miles!)


Jun 7   Petroglyph Century - Utah (skipped)
Jun 20  Bryce Canyon 200k Brevet - Utah (Completed)


Jul 11   The Death Ride - CA (Completed 4 of 5 passes - Knee pain)
Jul 25   Taylor House Charity Century - (Completed)



Aug 15      Cool Breeze Century - CA
Aug 22      High Country 200k Brevet - AZ


Sep 5     Son of Death Ride - CA (Registered)


Oct 10-11  MS Bay to Bay Tour - CA (Registered
Oct 17   Cochise County Cycling Classic (Registered)


Nov 7     Heart of Arizona 200k Brevet - AZ
Nov 14   Mount Lemmon 200k Brevet - AZ


Dec 13   Tucson Marathon (Registered)

Favorite Links

My favorite bike shop (and well worth the drive!):

My cycling club:

Arizona Brevets and Randonnees
Perimeter Bicycling Association of America
Garmin Connect

Team in Training
MS Bike Round Up

Death Ride
Son of Death Ride
Breathless Agony
California Triple Crown

2009 Notes:

- Jul 2:  Yeah, ok, I'm a slacker!  Haven't been updating the website recently, so there are three new ride reports posted at once!  I also decided to cut back on distance for the rest of the year and took the HooDoo 500 off my schedule.  That Utah 400k proved I wasn't up for that yet.  But since I'm not doing that, I added the Son of Death Ride onto my schedule.  I rode that rogue with a couple guys a few years back after the official ride was cancelled.  Hopefully that won't happen again this year.  That ride has the best jersey ever!  Also added a few other century length rides to the schedule for the rest of the year.  I may not do both of the November rides since I'll be in training for that Marathon in December. :-)

- Apr 24:  I'm still running occasionally, so I've decided to go ahead and challenge myself with a full marathon and registered for this year's Tucson Marathon on Dec 13th.  That should give me plenty of time to fully adapt myself to long distance running! :-)

- Mar 15:  I need to makeup that 400k that I didn't finish, so I took the SanteFe Century off my schedule and replaced it with Lonnie Wolff's 400k Brevet in southern Utah.

- Feb 9: You'll notice a new logo on the left called "SPOT".  This is a link to my personal satellite locator.  When I'm doing a long ride, this website will be updated every 10 minutes showing my location.  Pretty cool.  More information is available at http://www.findmespot.com

- Feb 9: Ok, there's something strange on my schedule... is that a 1/2 MARATHON on that list!?!  Yep!  Last year someone asked me if I wanted to do a triathlon and I responded with my standard "I don't run."  He asked how long it had been since I'd tried.  I had knee problems in the Army, but that was over 20 years ago, so it's been quite some time.  So in December I went out for a quick jog and came back 4 miles later with no problems.  I was a bit over optimistic and registered for the full marathon and have integrated some running into my weekly training.  After my first 10 mile run I realized I really didn't have enough time to extend that to 26.2 miles, so changed my registration to the 13.1 mile option.  And I've been doing 6 - 10 mile runs for the past few months.  I'm not fast, but I'll finish!

- Jan 5:  You'll notice a new affiliation.  I decided to join the Bullshifters cycling club.  They are a Phoenix based non-racing club whose members enjoy long distance events.  My kind of club.  I've seen Bullshifters members at a lot of the events I participate in, including a lot of out of town rides.  It will be nice to be able to ride with people I know and to be able to carpool and plan events with, so I decided that was the best local club that was closest to my interests in riding.  I'll be out for the first time in my Bullshifters jersey during the GABA Casa Grande Century January 11th. :-)  I've been playing with the idea of joining ever since Mike Sturgill said I'd make a good Bullshifter on a 600k when he said he didn't feel good and I replied "That's good... Good for me!" ;-)  He was killing me on that ride with the pace he was setting! LOL!  I only waited so long because they are based in North Phoenix which is quite a commute from East Mesa.  I may not be able to participate in a lot of club meetings, but I'll be there in spirit!



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