My new Calfee

Mike Cox asked me to post some pix of the new Calfee (probably to show off what great work he does!) LOL.  Calfee does great work (

Me and my new bike

Me and my new ride.  Calfee Tetra Pro with a translucent blue (you can see the carbon fabric under the paint) that fades to black.  Notice the titanium couplers on the top tube and down tube that allow me to pack it in a “normal” airline approved suitcase.


This bike was literally made for me. 🙂  Closer shot of the titanium coupler.  Interferes with the fade in the paint job a bit.  Didn’t think about how that would impact the paint.  Still love it though!

Calfee Model

Tetra Pro, 25 year warranty on the frame, love that translucent paint job! 

Wow, look at that paint!

Hope this picture shows well on the web page.  The paint really pops in the sun.  Notice the Calfee signature gussets that add to overall frame stiffness.  Head tube is extended 2mm from standard so I don’t need as many spacers for my handlebars.

Front View

Subdued graphics.  Logo on the head tube and name down the fork and rear drops.

Bottom Bracket

Very beefy bottom bracket.  Notice all the gussets that add to stiffness.  Power goes right to the back wheel.  Stiffest bike I’ve ever ridden.  Very nice!

Find Me Spot

My “Find Me Spot” personal satellite tracker secured to the back of my seat bag.  The spot has a “patch” antennae located unter the spot logo that needs to have a clear view of the sky.  I was having some problems getting consistent real-time web updates until I put together this mount.  Now it works perfectly.


 Mike put a Shimano Ultegra SL Triple group on it for me for some of the more, ummm…, ok yeah, “extreme” climbing events that I like to do (happy Kim and Robert?  I admitted it!).  I’ve had it for a bit over a month and have two centuries on it, plus a quite a few loops around Usery!  It handles extremely well on fast descents and lets me spin up steep or long grades.  The true test will be “Son of Death Ride” on September 5th.  17,000 feet of cumulative ascent.  Should be a great ride!

THANKS! to Mike Cox for custom ordering this for me and putting it together!  As always, you did a fantastic job!  For the rest of you, if you need a high quality bicycle mechanic (or any other bike needs), you can’t go wrong with Mike Cox at Curbside Cyclery!

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