Bryce Canyon 200k Brevet

Three weeks after I only made it 200 miles on a 400k attempt in Southern Utah, I went back for a much less ambitious 200k! Since the ride fell on Saturday June 20th, the day before father’s day, I expected to make the drive alone. Luckily, my friend and fellow randonnuer Carlton VanLeuven also wanted […]

    Southern Utah 400k Brevet

    A few months ago I changed positions at my company. I now support the four corners region, which entails some travel. At the beginning of May I rode ok at Breathless Agony. Then I was in Denver, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas over a three week span. THAT is NOT a good plan for […]

      Breathless Agony

      What a busy couple of weeks! Sitting in the airport waiting for a flight to Denver as I start to write this. The week before Breathless Agony I was a “cabin parent” at Jake’s 5th grade science camp outside of Payson, AZ. Camp ended around 1:30pm on Friday. I drove home quickly, stopped by the […]