New site!

I’m finally moving into the 21st Century!  The original website is still available and linked to the left under the “Legacy/Original”  All of the old content is still there, but I won’t be updating that site anymore (except maybe to reference this site).  I maintained that site with Microsoft Frontpage, then changed to Sharepoint Designer.  But I was restricted to the one PC with those applications installed on them.  I’ve been doing more and more on laptops and essentially stopped using that PC, so updating the website became inconsistent.  So I started looking for alternatives.  Originally I was thinking about Drupal, which is very flexible … too flexible.  Then I tried WordPress and love it!  It’s easy to maintain, has a TON of pre-defined plugins, allows people to subscribe to or comment on my posts and allows me to post from any machine I happen to be using.  The more I played with the interface, the more I liked it.  Anyway hope you like the new layout.  Comment or send a contact form and let me know what you think. 🙂  Mike

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