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A friend of mine turned me on to an online newspaper called  He’s a professional chef and enjoys writing about what he loves, so he became the Scottsdale Cooking Examiner.  What a great idea!  I also enjoy writing, so I decided to try my hand as the Phoenix Cycling Examiner!  And I got it!  This isn’t a career change, just something fun to do.  Examiners do get paid for their articles, but the pay is based on a complex formula involving page views, time spent on the site, and other factors that I don’t know or really care about.  I’m doing it more to just share my enjoyment in cycling with others and hope people get some value from the articles I publish.  It’s not a blog, so don’t expect to see any ride reports posted there (that’s what this site is for after all).  I plan to post articles on routes, upcoming events, local clubs, etc.  I’ve got quite a few ideas for articles, but if you have a topic you’d like more information on, let me know.  Perhaps I’ll post an article on it! 🙂  Check out my articles at:

Phoenix Cycling Examiner

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