Please Support Annette’s Fund-Raising Efforts!

Annette has decided to run/walk the Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon this coming December in support of the Crohns and ulcerative Colitis Foundation.  Her dad and cousins have fought these diseases for many years, so it is a problem that hits close to home.  I’ve added a link on the left that will take you to Annette’s fund-raising page, or click on the link below.  I’m very proud of her for taking on the challenge of a 1/2 Marathon, but even more for committing to raising money for needed research and support programs.  I’ve asked this before for my own fund-raising efforts, but I’ll ask again on Annette’s behalf.  Please donate to help Annette reach her fund-raising goal.  Any amount will help.  Thanks so much for the support!

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